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*Please Note that your form will be transmitted to the concerned Branch of Directorate of Information,Gujarat only after you have clicked on I ACCEPT & SUBMIT button at the bottom of this page.

Accreditation shall be used for journalistic purposes and for no other purpose.

An accredited representative will refrain from using phrases like "accredited to the Government of Gujarat" on his visiting cards, letterheads or on any other form of personal stationery or literature etc.

When an accredited representative ceases to represent the media organization on whose behalf he/she is accredited, the fact shall be brought to the notice of the aforesaid Directorate in writing within 15 days by both, the representative as well as the Head of the editorial department ofthe concemed organization/Editor and the accreditation card be returned to the Directorate failing which the media persons involved and the concerned organization is liable to be debarred for accreditation for the next calendar year.

Accreditation shall be withdrawn if the organization on whose behalf the representative is accredited ceases its publication or the network ceases to function except closure for a short period for remains beyond control like industrial disputes or natural calamities.

lf an applicant is found to have supplied false/fraudulent/forged information/documents supporting his/her accreditation case or to have misused the accreditation in any form, whatsoever, he/she may be debarred from accreditation for not less than one year or as decided by the Accreditation Committee of the Department.

An accredited joumalist will be required to return his/her accreditation card on December 31st, if his/her accreditation is not renewed for the year failing which the joumalist may be liable for penalisation under the Accreditation Rules as well as the prevalent security regulations as decided by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Government of Gujarat, Gandhinagar.


He/She engaged himself in work other than journalistic such as soliciting/promoting business or advertisement etc.

He/She uses information and/or facilities for purposes other than journalism, for which he was accredited on behalf of his media organization ; and in the course of his duties he/she behaves in highly undignified manner.

Any loss of Press card should be reported immediately to the nearest Police Station. For duplicate card, the card holder has been required to contact their respective District Information Office.

  1. I hereby certify that the information given in the application form is correct.I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of Accreditation.
  2. I promise that I will not engage myself in any work other than journalistic. I will surrender my accreditation card to Directorate of Information within 15 days of my ceasing to be a correspondent/cameraman in my present establishment.

Note: Accreditation card is given under the rules and regulations of Information and Broadcasting Department, Government of Gujarat and these rules are binding on all the Accreditation card holders.